Gluten Intolerance – Symptoms and Solutions

Gluten intolerance has the bad reputation of being a world-wide spread illness of the modern life, which affects many people, both adults and children and which needs a gluten-free diet, without aliments that might cause the unwanted bad symptoms of stomach upset, bloating or nausea and in the following article we will reveal some of these symptoms and how to deal with them, some gluten-free aliments and other useful information.

Symptoms of the gluten intolerance

Lately, there is a new diet coming from the US, based on consuming regularly gluten-free aliments, although it seems that there are many people who consume these foods, without suffering from gluten intolerance, but who are trying hard to lose some pounds in a fast and safe way.

Gluten intolerance is based on the fact that some people have a sensitive small intestine, which is unable to absorb the gluten properly inside barley, wheat or rye plants from which are made the braid and other similar products.

Because of this higher sensitivity to the gluten inside bakery products or other foods, many people suffer from bad symptoms like stomach upset, bloating, fatigue, nausea or exhaustion.

The gluten intolerance is also known as celiac disease, and it is also strongly related to stress, exhaustion or anxiety, which leads to accentuated symptoms and degeneration of the general health and proper functioning of the entire body. That is why many people are suffering from these severe symptoms without actually having this illness named the celiac disease.

There are also some late medical studies revealing the fact that the celiac disease may also be related to degenerative mental diseases like Alzheimer or dementia and the symptoms of the children suffering from gluten intolerance include nausea, dizziness and bad diarrhea episodes and a fast body weight loss without other changes to the regular diet.

Gluten-free aliments

If you are suffering from this bad gluten intolerance and a highly sensitive small intestine, you need to adopt a whole gluten-free diet. Instead, you should consume more potatoes, rice, quinoa, corn which do not contain gluten at all and which are safe and gentle with your entire digestive system.

Scientists also mention that healthy persons should not adopt a restrictive diet like the gluten-free diet because it is very unhealthy and dangerous for the entire organism, nutritive balance, and digestive process; cereals and other foods that contain gluten, also contain good quality fibers which are responsible for a healthy and easy digestion and waste removal from the large intestine and colon, along with supporting a healthy nutritive absorption inside your organism and a proper functioning of the al inside organs.

There is a belief that gluten is responsible for many bad disorders and syndromes and even for gaining some unwanted fat and body weight, but there are no real medical studies to support all these claims, so until then, specialists allege that a diet with gluten aliments is healthy for your overall organism and mind functioning.

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