Pot and Probiotics for Your Irritated Intestine

Nowadays it is quite common for people to deal with the irritable gut syndrome, as we all know how we eat each day, due to hectic lifestyles each of us is living. It is no wonder how come so many people end up eventually with severe digestive issues because once you give up on wisely nurturing your whole body’s system, the path towards health issues is certain.

People do need to fully acknowledge the great importance of properly nurturing the body because this is the only way through which we can support the body to function properly so that we can live a long and happy life. However, once we deal with such a terrible health issue, like the irritable gut syndrome, we do need to fully understand how this can affect our daily lives and what we can do in order to improve our state.

Among all the numerous methods of recovery in such a condition which the present medicinal system is offering us, a significant number of patients have described quite great results they got after turning to medical marijuana as an alternative treatment. In fact, several scientific studies have revealed that administered in certain amounts, depending on how strong the symptoms are, cannabis can successfully help you surpass this unpleasant condition.

In addition to all these, some specialists have stated recently that combining already known recovery therapies, which include also the probiotic usage, with certain rates of medical cannabis, are bound to create the perfect recovery environment for your condition. But what is this irritable gut syndrome all about?

Stress and imbalanced gut flora are the main causes

The irritable gut syndrome comprises all the symptomatology specific for the digestive disturbances, which create encouraging circumstances for the gut flora to enter an unpleasant imbalance due to stressful periods of time. The whole range of digestive symptoms which are relevant to describe an irritable intestine are usually caused by aspects dealing with eating habits and lifestyle and the most common ones are:

  • High processed foods and genetically modified;
  • Feeding little babies with powdered milk, instead of breast milk;
  • Excessive corn syrup eating;
  • Frequently usage of antibiotics to treat infections.

Knowing what causes this health issue is extremely important because you know what they say: “it is better to prevent than to treat!”. So just by reading a list of causes for this syndrome can easily help you to figure out whether you are doing something wrong or not in your eating habits. So be honest: are you doing some of the things we mentioned as causes in the previous lines?

What are the traditional recovery treatments?

Even though this whole health issue might not sound that severe, not acting in time on it can easily lead to more complicated conditions which, as you can imagine, require more expensive treatments. When talking about the incipient symptomatology, several recovery treatments are recommended, once these start to affect the quality of life.

A quite common recovery advice the majority of doctors will give is related to the probiotic usage. These are thought to have the ability to support your body in regaining its healthy and normal structure of your guts, which can be severely damaged due to stressful periods of time and chaotic eating habits.

Probiotics are microorganisms ingested as foods or dietary supplements which have a great potential in improving your guts’ health. Their main positive feature is the one dealing with strengthening the immune system’s health, which is essential for the general health state.

Also, probiotics release fatty acids, which results in decreasing the pH values and in the production of protean bacteria. The butyric acid, a compound of the bacteria fermentation on fibers, basically nurtures the guts’ enterocytes and so it successfully takes part in maintaining the integrity of the guts’ mucosa. But, enough said about probiotics. How does cannabis get into the scene here?

Cannabis relieves the symptomatology

It is not a flash news that medical marijuana can bring along a whole range of health benefits, as people are talking quite frequently about it. We have so many advantages to enjoy with this one particular plant, that it would be a total shame not to learn more on how it can help us in better coping with the irritable gut syndrome.

The thing is that the whole gastrointestinal tract’s tissues contain in their structure numerous cannabinoid receptors, like 80% of the body’s immune system. This is how medical marijuana can greatly stimulate these receptors and so the “wonder” happens. In fact, several experiments made on human subjects have shown great cannabis has worked on not only bringing relief to the health issue’s symptomatology but also on actually treating it.

Some of the people who have tried it as an additional “weapon” against this disease have stated that cannabis edibles seemed to have a longer lasting effect in working on everything related to the syndrome. However, they said that vaping their weed seemed much more efficient for better coping with those symptoms they felt from time to time.

Are there any risks?

Similar to using any other substance meant to heal your body’s imbalanced areas, also this cannabis option can be risky. This is valid only if you exaggerate with it in the hope that more is better. No, more is worse! You need to give to your body a specific cannabis dosage which can positively interact with your eating habits, probiotics and other recovery measures you might take towards relieving your irritable gut syndrome.

In the end, it is all about taking care of your own health, no matter what you hear or what your neighbor says. You need a specialist’s advice so that you can be sure to take the best decisions for your body’s best interest.

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